A Deeper Meaning

All together, too many times relationships fall apart. And I know, I’ve said this on other occasions. But it’s one of those topics that just doesn’t have one answer to it.

I hope and believe, we as human beings are looking for that one soul mate to spend the rest of our lives with. But … how do you know that you have that “one”?

Well, it’s explained in the title of the connection you are looking for. “Soul”. A soul connection is a very rare thing, I’m sorry to say. But to get t the bottom of any question, all one has to do is ask “why”.

So, here you are on your journey on finding that “one”. What is your first move? Describe what you are looking for and write it down so it is solid on paper. Perhaps you could hold it in your mind also.

Why? If you don’t know what you are looking for, how do you know what to look for?

You go out and meet people in your everyday life and you meet that “someone” you think may be the “one”. Come to find out, almost upon meeting something clicks between you two and you have made a connection. And it’s not on some physical level. It is something that transcends time, space and matter.

Why would you look for someone like that? Because we are not physical beings. We are spiritual beings. We are more than people of this world. Believe it or not, we are connected to the universe in some manner.

Think about it. Do you believe for one second that all the possessions the millionaires and billionaires have are making them happy? Not on your life! Granted, they don’t have any financial pressures, but they do have financial problems hanging on to their money. Then again, some have so much money they give it away! It’s all physical and meaningless once you have an over abundance.

So, let’s say you’ve found that “one” you have been searching for. Before too long, you start ending each other’s sentences for the other. Or, even weirder yet, you start the other’s thought. You do things at the same time and the cosmological events just  keep on rolling! And I have witnessed one or two relationships like that.

But what if that doesn’t happen for you? Here’s the good part. Look for it in the other person. Here’s the hard part (not bad part). Slow down. Take your time at this stage. Listen to what the other person is truly saying. Is that person speaking in vague terms? Or are they saying what is on their minds? Are they answering your questions or are in line with your comments and stories? Or do they go off on some tangent that has nothing to what you are talking about?

How serious do they take themselves? One of the secrets in life (at least that’s what I like to call it), is not taking yourself too seriously. What I mean by that is if you do something wrong; let’s say drop a plate of spaghetti on the floor, how upset are you? Are you angry at you? Or do you think; I can clean this up and get another plate.” Is that how you react? Is that how the one you are looking at reacts?

People who take things too seriously are said to be egotistical. They beat their chest and claim; I can do no wrong. Should I do wrong, I am no good at anything! or something to that nature.

That’s a black light in a relationship. Look for white lights. People who are lighthearted in life. Someone, and this is one of those kickers, who is helpful to others. Someone who thinks of others first and yet is not some door mat. Someone who can forgive themselves for messing up once in a while. That just might be the “one” you are looking for.

Above all, keep this in mind; Nobody is perfect. Did I really have to say that? But every now and then I need to be reminded of that.


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