Open People’s Minds

I’m sitting here at my desk wondering what to write about. I’m searching inside me looking for what is moving me tonight. What is on my mind? The only answer I come up with is; People.

People become relationships in our lives. And the strange thing is; some you like and some you don’t.

I asked myself “why?” There are a lot of answers to that question. To point out all the reasons would not only bore you, it would be pointless. But I would like to talk about one thing I read today and it struck home for me. Then I experienced it tonight when I went to my daughter’s house for dinner tonight.

Have you ever got into a conversation and the person you spoke with said something that you didn’t agree with? Think back to your reaction. Did you try to convince that person how wrong they were? And if you did, how did that person react to you? Did they come around to your way of thinking? I’m willing to bet not.

We all have egos and pride. Even the humblest person has an ego and pride. To be told we are wrong solidifies the idea in our mind we are more right than ever. To be told we are wrong is an attack on our mental well-being. Who likes to be wrong? Author of How To Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie explains in an ingenious way to persuade people to change their opinion, ideas, what have you. Tell the person this; “Perhaps I’m wrong, and many times I am. Maybe I need clarification on something. But let’s look at the facts.”

More times than not, those words work wonders with people. People become humble and even try to help you in your point of view at times.

Guys, use this on your wife. Don’t try to be right all  the time. Use this to get her to relax and open her mind a little. Ladies, use this too. Use that line and hold hands while talking. Whenever there’s a disagreement, sit down and hold hands while talking about the disagreement. But I just went off to another conversation.

This statement can be used in any situation at any level.

Look, everyone, all I’m trying to say is there are ways to get along if you keep the other’s person’s feelings in mind. And I’m not talking about Political Correctness in this blog. All I’m talking about is using good manners and a little consideration.

But if something has to be said and it may upset the other person you are speaking with, say it as delicately as possible. Remind yourself how you may feel if something like that was said to you.

To get back to my dinner story; I was telling the lady of the house of a book I was reading that was based on tablets found back in the 1950s. The gentleman of the house immediately went into the interrogation on the substance and accuracy of the book.

Had he known this secret of opening people’s mind, we could have had a more pleasant conversation.



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