I Gotta Tell Ya

It’s getting kinda late and I had to put my working progress away, (for now). I really want to get this blog out.

Remember me advising you to research you work if needed when writing? Well, I got hit upside the head with that piece of advice.

My working progress project is called …  for now; It Takes Guts. I told the publishing company I want to work with that it’s going to be about 400 pages. By the time I got done with it, it was an embarrassing 132 pages. Talk about feeling low and sweating bullets. How am I going to get this long enough?

I sat in the nippy night air out in the country one evening, contemplating my dilemma. I was either in prayer or at least meditating. Both work for me. Anyway, it hit me. This voice in my head said all I need to do is research and get more info on the data you need.

Well, after that celebration, I got up and went back to the computer. Got on YouTube. The first set of videos that came up were all on the topics I need for making this book what I want it to be.

I just wanted to tell you about my little victory. I talked about this last week and don’t want to be monotonous about this.

But the outcome of all this is the fact I have to add a lot of storyline to the novel. That’s fine. But while doing so, I have noticed the voice of Jack, the protagonist, is changing. He’s a bit more relaxed. Which is somethig I like also because he was too tight. Too, to himself.

Which brings me to my next point.

I have worried about my voice. Both as a narrator and when I allow my characters to speak. This is what I’ve learned. Don’t worry about it. Just like your body, your voice is going to change. You can’t help it. It comes with growing. And I dare say; the character may change before you come to the end of your project. That’s fine too.

An important factor in writing is to have fun. To be honest, I wasn’t having fun for the first part of this book. After I got my butt into high gear, and I do my job as it is supposed to be done, things have changed. My style has changed. My attitude has definitely done a 180.

I tell you this because there aren’t enough writers in the world. Even though there are approximately 5000 titles published every year, mostly from new writers, we need more writers. Everybody’s got a new angle on the same subjects. Why not give yours?

Is it easy? Yes and no. It’s a constant learning curve. But, to me, anyway, it’s worth it. I get to mingle with some of the most imaginative people on the planet. I may have never met them, but we talk and share our ideas. We feed off  the other person. Yes, I’m having fun.

It’s time to pull out my working project and get back at it.


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