Random Thoughts

Not sure what I want to talk about today. I ran across a number of other blogs and came up with random comments. Take them for what they’re worth.

Occasionally I have wondered what other writers and authors desks and offices look like. I picture what Stephen King’s office looks like, but it’s all a guess. As usual, I compared their situations to mine. And the two comparisons can’t be the same.

I would imagine a normal writer and author have a permanent place to work. I don’t have such a luxury. Because of my paying job and schedule, I have to grab what ever time I can to write. Now that probably sound like an excuse of some nature, right?

Not really. I don’t have a permanent place to do my writing and blogging. As a matter of fact, I am at work as I write this page. I also work on my second novel what at work. On my days off, I do work at home at my dinning room table and I do a much better job there. Mostly because I have more control over what goes on.

I was at home yesterday and worked on my second novel for some seven hours and loved it! So peaceful. So fulfilling. I should have done this blog yesterday but forgot about it. I was working on my book. But that’s not the good part (I think). I’m having a difficult time getting the book long enough. I am at less than two hundred pages. That’s embarrassing. By the time 9:00 pm came around my head was spinning. My fingers lost the locations to the keys I needed. I was hitting Backspace more than the letter “E”.

I went to YouTube and found about a dozen clips on the topic my book is on. I was elated! I started taking notes and thought I had enough notes until I found more clips and took more notes and so on. I was thinking; who’s guiding this? I believe this next book is meant to be published.

Another amazing thing happened yesterday morning. After breakfast, I grabbed a book, a fiction genre. Dirty Work by Stuart Woods. It really keeps you thinking. But, when I read another author, I am almost constantly criticizing. Of course I am enjoying the book. But don’t you have moments when reading that you are looking at how a bigger author is wording his/her stories? Me too.

After I got done reading, I opened my drive and brought up my work, the words seemed to flow a lot easier. I’d like to brag about how much better my rhythm was, but I don’t want to bore you with my bragging. (I’m reading at my New York State underhanded smart ass remark and I’m smiling.) But I guess that’s what you get for being raised around Buffalo.

My final thoughts about writing (for today anyway); Writing puts me in a make believe world where I don’t look like I need to be put in a state hospital. Yeah, I talk to myself when working. But more importantly, when readers read our work, we are hoping that they also get caught up in the world we created. They feel the satisfied feelings of our hero. The heartbreak of the heroine who just lost the love of her life who died on their wedding night. They are lost in a country never before seen by them. When the reader eventually puts the book down, they are relieved from the stress of their day and can face Life again. Unbeknownst to them, they may even see a bit of the author’s world and wonder; How do they come up with that?


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