The Rough Draft

Got some exciting news. I’m about to finish up my rough draft on my second novel. I’m so stoked! Now, I get to re-write everything I meant to say.

When I wrote My Angel of Angels, I read the book for the first time after sending it off to a friend of mine who lives in Florida… Yeah, a re-write was most desirable for that book. Lesson learned. Find someone who can guide you through the book.

I’d like to tell everyone what I’m experiencing with this, even though only it’s my second novel.

Writing is one of the scariest things I have ever done. There are times I will find excuses to not write a word. I, fortunately, have read that other, more experienced writers than I have the same problem. They purposely divert themselves off the computer and do anything else. As do I. The biggest and perhaps the only fear is; What if nobody likes it?

After chickening out of doing what I’m supposed to do, I feel pretty bad about myself. Unreliable, if you will. That’s when I shrug off the undesirable action and pull out the lap top and get to work. I find that’s when I do my best work. Why did I dodge out of writing!?

Anyway, the best time at writing is when the story line is zooming through my head and I can barely keep up with it as I tap it out on the screen.

Oh. But then I look at my outline and compare the two. Forget about the outline. It’s only a guide anyway. Right? I guess that would all depend on how creative you are. There are times I do need that guideline. Other times I can burn through a story line and it all comes out fine.

When I finish off the last chapter, I immediately return to the beginning and pick it apart. It’s do-able, but still difficult to do. And it’s not because it took a lot of work to write, it’s because those words are my babies and I don’t want to eliminate them. They are precious to me. I have to remind myself that better words are coming along and everything is going to be fine. Jeez, talk about talking to yourself.

Last night I came across an article on how to overcome dodging writing (not the title). Unfortunately, it was late at night and I didn’t have the energy to read it.

But doing my re-write, that is where the going get good as well as rough. I want the entire world to read my books. If for no other reason than to be entertained. But it is my responsibility to get readers to want to read them. That is the game of a writer/author. Use the words that wow the audience. And that is what no author can teach. What words do you use? How I overcome that is by reading other well renown authors and try to emulate what they do.

I will humbly tell you, I find a lot of my paragraphs are like the paragraphs of other author’s. Then there is the other side of that proverbial coin. Chalk it up to; still learning.

One last thing; you may be asking yourself what the difference is between a writer and an author.

A writer writes a story. An author puts the reader on the edge of the chair as they can’t put the book down. I’m a writer.


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