A Little Ditty on Relationships

I ran across a few tips this week about relationships. There were ten of them, but I’ll give you what I can in this small space. Then I’ll leave you with the person who I found that gave me the advice.

Relationships are the heart of expansion. Meaning they are the greatest hardship as well as te greatest joy we experience.  Ever hear of unconditional love? I never heard it put this way, but Unconditional Love is the state which we are absolutely positively focused on a state of appreciation for something we are paying attention to.

That’s a lot different than what we call love, which is a need for another person. In other words; You fulfill a need which I can not fulfill for myself. That is called attachment. We cling on to that person to feel whole in some way. We need that person to fill a void in our lives which makes us dependent on the other person.


Another tip I like is; get with your partner and tell each other how you feel about anything that is bothering you. It could be how they are acting, what changes you may enjoy in the relationship, what is bothering you about you. It could also be what is enjoyable in the relationship. Put in some positive also. This also covers communication which is a tip that could be spoken about in a separate talk. But, as cliche as this is, communication is key in a relationship. If you are having a problem talking with your partner, write a letter and express yourself that way. Say what you will, but it’s better than keeping things bottled up and letting the other one sit in the dark, so to speak.

Here’s something that should have been figured out early in the relationship; do your needs, wants and desires match? If one wants to live in Arizona and the other one wants to live in  Alaska … well, there may be a bit of a problem staying together.

Ask yourself this question: What am I trying to get out of this relationship, with this person? Go provide that from yourself so you no longer need them for yourself.

Ask for what you want and need. My point of view is; why wouldn’t you? How else is your partner going to know how to make you happy? Just as important, how are you going to know how to make the other person happy? With any relationship I have, I tell the other person that if I do anything that bothers you, tell me. (I especially do this at work.) I don’t always know that I’m being bothersome. I’m thick that way. If your partner doesn’t tell you that something is bothering them, how are you going to know what to change?

I hope you got something out of this. If you listen to Teal Swan, she’s the one I got this information from. Teal Swan on YouTube.com/Teal Swan/10 Tips For a Successful Relationship


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