This is quite possibly my favorite part of writing. Let’s face it; and you will hear this from a lot of authors and writers in one way or another: Your first draft is supposed to be bad.

Getting to the end of a story is amazingly satisfying. But about thirty seconds after I throw out my chest and give me a pat on the back I go to page one and read just how bad I said what I said. Believe me when I tell you that I do a lot of laughing and groaning wondering if I was thinking. I like to think that possibly I was sleeping when I wrote that chapter. It gets that bad. But that is the beauty of it though. Now I have the opportunity to say what I want to say in a more enjoyable level to the reader.

When editing, there are so many things you have to be aware of. Spelling is no real problem with spell check. The only danger there is using the correct word and using it in context. For instance; we have the words; “to”, “too”, and “two”. Needless to say, the third “two” is hard to misuse. But I have seen the first two butchered. Which one is correct in  your sentence? My easiest answer is to have a dictionary close by. (Or is it buy, maybe bye?) See what I’m saying? I have to laugh when I once read long ago when a person said he needed to bye a car. But I also felt bad for him for not knowing his verbal faux pas. To beat the dictionary idea a bit; I never sit down to read or write without a dictionary next to me.

Another error you have to be aware of is making sure things are happening in order. This is what I’m talking about: Bill’s blood thickened in his veins and his eyes hardened as his arch enemy stood before him.

Most writers think that makes less sense than this: Bill’s arch enemy stood before him. It made his blood thicken in his veins and his eyes harden. War echoed through his heart.

It causes confusion to your readers. Even if it is only for a second. They have to take a second to think the scene through to figure out what had happened.

Uniqueness. How does your story stand out from others? That is a tough one. The good thing about your story is that no one has ever lived your life. Blend your experiences into your story. Or throw something into your story that you would like to have happen to you. Everybody have experienced something that nobody else has gone through. Throw it into your story line if possible. How did you feel about that experience? You are the only one who felt that exact way. Tell your readers that.

One of the first things I learned after started writing was; use short sentences. There is nothing more annoying in reading than a sentence babbling on needlessly. If the idea has come across, that’s all you need. Besides, it costs less when publishing and needing other services.


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