Planning And Being A Good Writer

There are two concepts to this blog. The first being making plans to accomplish what you want to attain. Notice I did not say “goals”. Goals are boring, they’re difficult to accomplish. If you think otherwise, think of what thousands of people do around January 1st of every year. They make resolutions. A goal. Two to three weeks later the idea has escaped them and the goal is lost.

Make plans. Write them down. Revise them if necessary, but just keep working at them. Look at your plan five to seven times a week. It helps to keep what you want fresh in your mind.

What does that have to do with writing? Simply put; everything.

Let’s look at a bad writer. Defined, a “bad writer” is someone who writes when it is convenient for him. He may quit before the first book, no matter how small the book. He uses poor grammar and the list goes on. The reasons for this are many depending on the individual. But the poor fellow just lost his drive.

Perseverance is a cruel yet wonderful teacher. Trudging through the tough times while writing is grueling. Nobody enjoys the dry moments in any job, much less writing. You realize that the world is going to read this work and it has to catch the attention of all the readers. Your mind freezes until you collapse. You put the novel away for a time and you’re not sure you will come back to it. But once you get through that desert of no worthwhile ideas coming through, suddenly the finished product comes shining through. You may have even forgotten the desert you just staggered through. Perseverance!

Remember this one thing. Focus is a major key. As a matter of fact, you may want to put that into your plan every so often. “FOCUS”.

Particularly if you are starting out as a loner writer and having a hard time of it, find a co-author. You’re going to have to split the profits, but it’ll be worth it. Just learn as you are working. Also, and this is important, make sure the other person is lots more experienced than you are. But I bet I didn’t have to tell you that.

Most of my lessons came from reading. Read other novels. Read books that other authors have written that passes on their expertise.

These are things that have to go into your plan. How many hours a day will I read? How many hours a week will I write? What author will I learn from?

Here’s a secret. Most people plan their lives out two to five years out. Which is great if you are running a big business or an MLM. You don’t need to plan that far out for writing. Most writers publish a book every twelve to eighteen months. Maybe twenty-four. Plan your writing life out on a quarterly basis. What are you going to accomplish over the next three months?

Another thing. Should you be humble enough to ask for help, take it to heart. My hope is that anyone who is giving advice on writing is kind enough to give you the best advice they can. Nobody is going to intentionally hurt you.


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