It’s coming up on 10 P.M. and I thought I’d take a moment out to say something special about the one loving soul who decided to bring us into this world. Mom.

She goes by many names. Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma. She’s the same person all the same. She has the one job nobody else wants. She’s up at a moment’s notice in the middle of the night if she’s needed. She dries your tears and makes “owies” go away with a warm quick kiss. A simple pat on the head says so much from Mom.

After all the pain and agony of bringing you into this world, she still loves you unconditionally. Something a father will never know or experience from a Mother’s point of view.

She sees to it that you eat before she is fed. She cooks, she cleans, she washes your clothes after you jump into the biggest puddle you could find as a kid. She helps you with your homework and sees to it you make her proud when you bring up your grades. And yet, she takes no credit when things go right for you. You did it all by yourself no matter how many hours she poured herself into it. It was all you as far as she is concerned.

She worries when you come home crying because that big, ugly bully just got done picking on you.


She encourages you and tells you how you can beat that meanie up anytime you want. And you will never see the worry in her eye or know how much sleep she lost because of it.

Not Dads, or cops, not firemen or doctors have the 24/365 job that a Mom’s got. And she makes it look so easy and effortless. There are no vacations and no pay. Who would volunteer for a job like that except… Mom? Oh, wait. Did I just say “pay”? Sure if you want to call a crayon scribbling from a school project you did as a child pay. And to her, it probably is. Then she proudly sticks it to the refrigerator and tells you how pretty a picture of the family it is. Her tip on top of her “pay” is your beaming face of pride for a job well done. Pay? Sure. When you ran up to her and wrapped your arms around her neck and gave Mom a big, wet kiss then said; “I love you Mom!” for absolutely no reason what-so-ever. Yeah. That is the pay Mothers get. Who needs money when you have the love of the children you bore into this world? Pay? What about the time you were in the play at school. You could have been in the lead role or you could have been a tree. Mom didn’t care. Her baby was in a play and you had her favorite role.

Oh! And let’s not forget the training. Ever see a book titled; Motherhood for Idiots? How about; Chicken Soup for Being a Mother? No? How do they do it? I’m sure some of it is experiment, some good fortune, but a lot of wisdom.


No matter what, always, always, always love Mom, and never show disrespect to the loving soul who brought you into this world and loves you unconditionally. She deserves your love and admiration.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Your family misses you and thinks about you often. Oh, hey. And thanks for all you’ve done.


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