Charlie and the Mysterious Beauty

Charlie was sitting at the counter of his favorite Mom & Pop restaurant. Alice just refilled his mug with the fresh pot. She slid it into the heating pad when the bell in the door jamb rang. Charlie turned his head from his newspaper to see who just walked in.

His jaw dropped, his eyes widened. She floated across the floor to a booth at the end of the room. Charlie watched every fluid step she took. He took in every square inch of her he could. Her eyes were soft brown. They had a wide cut that made them look bigger than Bambi’s. Her medium brown hair cascaded to half way down her back. Her thin face was perfectly blemishless except for the beauty mole on her bottom lip that did nothing more than enhance everything about her. She is the most elegantly beautiful woman I have ever seen. Charlie thought to himself. He never took his eyes off her. He tried, but just couldn’t. He was so afraid of missing something about her. Some glance going his way. A split second of a chance to at least nod to her letting her know he notices her and hopefully she reciprocates.

She sat at a booth, crossed her knees and opened the novel Charlie never saw her carry in. He’s fixated on her face. The Lady looks up from her novel after a few seconds and scans the room, searching for something. Charlie quickly turned his chair toward the counter and popped his paper up in front of his face.

The sudden movement caught her eye. She looked and smiled. Charlie’s hands were shaking. What do I do? he asked himself.

Alice checked his mug with pot in hand. “Had enough?” Charlie bit his bottom lip as he had a panic look on his face. “Charlie, what’s wrong,” she whispered.

“I am so sick of this. See that woman who just walked in?” Alice looked the direction he gestured and nodded.  I want to meet her but don’t know how without looking like a complete idiot.”

Alice grinned. “Well, here’s a real intelligent thing that always worked for me. ‘Hi. I’m Charlie.’ then ask if you can join her.”

Charlie looked at Alice strangely. “You mean to tell me that stuff actually works for you?”

“Of course. I use it on anyone I want to meet.” She stifled her surprise when she saw beads of sweat appearing on Charlie’s forehead. “Go say hi, Charlie. What’s the worse that could happen?”

“She could say ‘no’.”

“And what’s so bad about that?”

“That’s the response I get from everyone and I have gotten to the point… Never mind, you can’t…” Charlie stopped himself figuring what was the point of complaining. He folded his newspaper and tucked it under his arm. He stood up from his chair and wavered. His knees buckled. Alice watched him earnestly as he fell to his ass. He looked at Alice. His eyes wide with shock. He took a deep breath. “Charlie! What’s the problem? When was your last date?”

“Six years ago.”

“How many women have you asked out in that empty span of time?”

“Lost count.”

“Look at you. You’re tall, well built. Look at that touch of grey at your temples. Women love that sophisticated look. Go say hi.”

Charlie took another breath of air and stood. Dropped his newspaper on the counter and took his first step to the Lady. He felt his knees weaken with every stride he took. He arrived at his trek’s end and planted his feet shoulder’s width apart. “I don’t mean to be rude … my n-name is Ch-Charlie.”

His mysterious goddess looked up from her novel and smiled…



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