So, I’m listening to this guy talking about steps to succeed. He’s talking about listening to people who know what they are talking about in their expertise. Let’s face it. There are a lot of people who dole out advice and have very little clue as to what they are talking about. But he starts with this idea about adaptability. Can you change with what is going on around you?

I looked over some of the relationships I’ve been through. Particularly my marriage of years gone past. And I always thought they came to an end because there was some deal breaking item (I don’t know what else to call it. It was a “thing”.) she and I hit. And in a lot of cases, that was right. We just couldn’t get past it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. No two people are alike and shouldn’t be together. I know. It sucks being human at times. But challenges are what makes us better and stronger. Then there are the relationships that maybe… Maybe if we adapted to the situation better.

Would I be wrong to think if we as human beings, accepted each other with our shortcomings things would work out better? No one is saying easier. Not even close. That would be too airy-fairy. Life was not meant to be easy. Read any book on any person who made it to great heights. One struggle after another. I’m not trying to over simplify relationships. They, no doubt, take work and sacrifice.

I have watched more relationships being destroyed. It usually was because somebody cheated. The next thing you know pots and pans are flying all over the house, clothes are being thrown out windows, somebody is screaming “get out!”, and the kids are crying and screaming because they have no clue as to why there is this hurricane going trough the house. It is tear jerking ugly.

But here’s the thing. Has the person being hurt, before the hurricane starts, simply asks “why”? Now, the person who stepped out better have the guts and backbone to be honest enough to say why he/she acted like a jerk. How else are you two going to get past it? Adapt to change, adapt to shortcomings.

Adapt to change, adapt to shortcomings. Change will always happen. It’s a universal law that nothing stays the same. Come on, you knew that. You’ve never heard the adage; Nothing stays the same? Universal law.The other thing is; everybody has shortcomings. Try, try, try to learn to live with them. In case you are wondering, yes you have them too. And the one you are involved with–yes, they tolerate them the best they can. Look, you both walked up to the minister of whatever faith or religion he or she represented and you had the heart strong enough to say “til death

Look, you both walked up to the minister of whatever faith or religion he or she represented and you had the heart strong enough to say “til death do you part”. Did you ever notice there are no quid pro quos, no addendums, no exceptions to the promise?

Perhaps if you do this you can have a relationship like this.


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