The Things I’m Learning

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Two things are going on. 1) I’ve been busy with life and 2) I had a brain freeze wonder what would entertain you. But here it goes.

As you probably know, I published my first book, My Angel of Angels. I wrote it using a technique called “pantsing”. I wrote it by the seat of my pants, is what that means. It’s also the reason why I had to write it at least three times. I stumbled across a couple books by an extremely talented writer named K.M. Weiland. She wrote two very helpful books. The first one any neophyte in writing should read is Outlining Your Novel Map Your Way to Success. She makes it so simple to read and follow. She features a number award-winning authors who are there to advise on their beliefs on outlining a story.

K.M. sells these two books online and they are going cheap for all the information they give. To me, the books are priceless. She is all over Amazon if you want any of her books. I would recommend reading this book first for obvious reasons. I recently started Structuring Your Novel Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story. (phew) The things she covers in this book … well, let’s just say, the woman opened my eyes to many mistakes I made in my debut novel. (Yet, the sales are better than I expected.) I was amazed when my publicists told me it was selling in Great Britain! I never expected that one. Now I’m wondering what other European countries it is selling in. I lived in Athens for three years. I’m wondering if they publishers translated it.

As I went through the first book, I found myself going back to the stories I’m working on now and re-writing chapters that were lacking, but didn’t know why. K.M. (wish I knew her real name.) points out things that I never thought about. Although my second novel is written, I’ve been through it a couple times.Re-writing, spicing it up and doing it blindly. Then I found these two books. I’m learning what my problems are in the second story. I’ll go back to the document and find the chapter that she pointed out an item I am missing and I put it in there. The book is coming along superbly.


The third story I put in a few minutes a week with. But, I, for the first time am outlining a story. I’m also writing a short paragraph for a few chapters now. I’ve heard about outlining before, but it sounded like a pain in the tuckus. I just never wanted to do it. When I got done with two stories by pantsing, I knew I needed help creating a streamlined plot. (This third book is going into a different direction of genres.)

So, if you are out there reading my blogs, if you are looking for direction to how to write a story, Please, please, please by these two books. They will open gates and inspire you to create your perfect novel. The perfect novel? You’ll know what that actually means when you read the outlining book.


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