I’ve Been Listening

Over the past few weeks, I have been carefully listening to women about the subject of romance. You ladies have quite a unique view.

As thorough as these ladies have been explaining it, I felt I am still missing something. So, I did a search on the subject. And just so you know, I know this makes me look so thick skulled. But, I’m a guy!

I found a site; http://daily.goodcleanlove.com/ (Stories are written by a series of different writers on their specialty topics. They all have degrees in their fields.) and it talks about things the ladies never mentioned. When I read the titles of the paragraphs on the first page, I couldn’t help to think that these subjects are as important as what the people have been talking about.

The first thing she talks about is Commitment. Then, she goes into topics that could fall under the same topic. To be honest, I have merely scanned the pages she has in her site. Only because she blows my mind and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Furthermore, I don’t want to re-write what she has said and then you go back and read the same thing. How redundant. So, what’s the reason of being romantic? What the idea of commitment? From looking at it from an adults point of view, I believe (and I may be off on this) we are looking for something permanent in a relationship.


How do we make a marriage sustainable? We have to rediscover each other every once in a while. But still, there’s a limit to what we can ask our partner. Let’s face it, we all have skeletons in out closets. And letting them out may be too scary for us to let out. Have you ever been surprised by a past lover’s actions? Don’t push. The second step may be more difficult, but drop it and never bring it up again. Call it; “the space we all need”. Besides, there are so many other things we could get to know about our lovers. Simply by raising the bar on what you know. Ask questions that expand what you think you know. Have you ever asked; “I want us to be happy. What more can I do for you?” Or you can use “us”. Or you can always take it into the bedroom. “What are your fantasies?” Tell the person your fantasies. See what happens at night. (Or in the middle of the day for that matter.) There an endless number of ideas couples can talk about among themselves. Never forget what a surprise can do for a relationship either.





Something off the top of my head. Go for a walk with your lover. If the sun is shining on it, ask that person how they feel about it. Have them take a close look at it. Dissect it. Look at texture, color, shape, even possible history. Anything having to do with what they are looking at. I don’t care if you two are looking at a rusty wheelbarrow. How do you feel about it? Then try to see it from their viewpoint. And don’t forget to tell them how you see it. You’d be amazed how your feelings and view of the other person will expand. You may discover a totally different person next to you. And chances are, you’ll like them even better.


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