The Other Main Character

The main idea that got My Angel of Angels started was Angelica.

While living in Greece for three years, I ran into some military members who married in Spain. I worked for an individual who was raised in South America and married a woman from there. All the women I had to good fortune to meet were all beautiful women.

Then I settled in Tacoma for many reasons. I have family in this region of the country which is the main reason for me being here. But I met this one woman named Angie. She was the absolute epitome of beauty. And no, we never connected up for a bunch of reasons. But we had a  friendly relationship that I appreciated at the time. Though, we have separated and carry on with our own lives. It is this woman who was the physical model of Angelica. The soul and actions of Angelica are miles different than the woman I knew then.

Angelica, I created to be sophisticated, yes, gorgeous but even more importantly, humble in attitude. She also had a little girl playful side as well. She never got caught up in her physical beauty. Angelica understood that beauty was only temporary and would fade some day. It was her heart that made her beautiful even more so than her olive, supple skin and all the rest of the factors that make women so stunning.

The relationship she had with her father was close and he was her main grounding point in her life. When he died, she turned to her brother for guidance. She always respected her mother, but she became more of a friend. A confidant she could turn to yet, still have a mother in her life as well.The situation suited the both of them well.

The passing of Angelica’s father was a sudden and a terrible heartbreak, but it brought the family tighter together. Rikki, being the older of the two children, took up the father’s responsibility as well as he could. And he did a pretty good job of it.

The first thing that attracted Manuel to Angelica was indeed her physical beauty. But he discovered something more. He discovered her heart and her strength. Her inner strength. Manuel never encountered such a woman. But give the kid credit. He was in his twenties, after all. He didn’t have the experience to meet such a woman. And when he did, he liked what he saw.

Without knowing it, Angelica taught him how to become a man. She did it by just being a woman. The woman he wanted in his life. Whether he knew it or not. Angelica was the perfect woman for him. And he did everything he knew how to keep her in his life. He did it at all costs.

She never wanted to admit it, but her love for Manuel was almost instant. He did, after all, put his life on the line for her before he knew her. It was the most romantic thing any stranger ever did for her. But without Angelica’s patience, tolerance for Manuel and strength, there wouldn’t have been mush of a story.


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