Let’s Just Talk

Hey. I’ve been talking with a good friend of mine. I asked her for feedback on My Angel of Angels. I found out that she is a freelance writer so, who’s word to respect more? After all, I consider her my number one fan and cheerleader. But no, not any of these below. Stop looking.



We got into a discussion about Manuel. She feels he’s a bit immature. I am totally bewildered by this. The discussion went on and we got to the topic, I think is what I was really wanting to hear. And believe me, I truly do appreciate what I heard. Bobbie Jo, (not her real name) led me to another fellow graduate from back in the day. Bobbie Jo asked me to take the two main characters from the blog our mutual friend posted. I was asked to write a romantic scene between these two. I wrote it from my point of view.

Bobbie Jo’s come back was, but not exactly; You’re such a guy! She enlightened me of a woman’s idea of romance. I knew what she was talking about mentally. I never wrapped it around my heart. She gave me her concept of the two and, I have to tell you, it totally opened my eyes getting the message from her. She has an awesome way of communicating.

Listening to what Bobbie Jo had to say gave me a whole new understanding of a woman. Applying her words to my past relationships–well, no wonder I lead a solitary life. But aside from that, I also learned that I don’t have the feminity to write a romance story the way a romance story should be written for a woman. The story was written from a man’s concept of romance. Sadly, I promoted the book for women to enjoy, when in fact I wrote it for men. Not knowing I did that, I am asking for your forgiveness, ladies.

I am writing another book again, from a man’s point of view and I hope women will enjoy it also. It’s a story of a failed love and the turns in it are quite shocking to say the least. But I’ll get into more detail when the time for that comes.

Now that I had the conversation with Bobbie Jo, I can see where Manuel was a bit immature. However, the argument that went through my head was: How can he be immature after he went through so much for Angelica? I mean he took a beating for her. Sure, the little tete-a-tete he had with a strange woman was something most any kid in his twenties would pull just because he’s in his twenties. Men that age are curious about what they can get away with. We are like kids testing our parents wondering where the limit is. We are trying to find where the line in the sand is. And yes, at times we don’t care how much suffering we may have to go through to learn. We just can’t help thinking we are invincible! But whether we like it or not, ladies, much to our chagrin, we do learn. And more times than we want to admit, we are sorry for hurting you for being so immature.



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