What an Honor

A couple weeks ago, my publicist emailed me talking about writing an article about my book and wanting it in a certain format.

Being a bit of a neophyte at this whole idea, I had  zero idea as to what she was talking about. So, I figured this required a phone call.

We talked for probably less than ten minutes and she patiently made everything clear to me. I feel fortunate to have an associate as skilled as Courtney Alvey. She’s the publicist in comment (as opposed to ‘question’). I couldn’t question anything she recommends.

What she was asking for … what Females First was asking for was for me to write a ten-point article on how a relationship between two people should be. Instead of me rewriting the whole thing, I’ll leave you what was posted on the site it was posted to.  http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/relationships/jim-arnold-my-angel-of-angels-627571.html 

To be honest, the original article was 2000+ words. It needed to be cut back to about 500. So, should you read this, please understand the points that are in this article goes a lot deeper than what was could post for this site. I wish I was allowed more space, but then it would have come off as me being too preachy. And I get it.


All together too often, couples are sitting in a vast darkness of loneliness. They think things like; I didn’t sign up for this. Yet they don’t confront their spouse about what is bothering them. Why? Of the ten points in the article, the most important one is; you must communicate! That should have been said louder in the first point. Alas, I should have made it clearer. And I don’t mean to sound like a 1960s throwback. The hippies and the rest of the country between probably fifteen and thirty were constantly screaming that mantra. Communicate, man! But, believe me, honest and open conversation is the basis to all relationships.




Probably, for men at least, physical contact is up there pretty high on our list. But keep in mind, ladies, we get you like more priceless things in life. You like conver-sation, attention and compliments. And we are more than happy to give that to you.

As a reminder, a relationship is a constant give and take process from both sides. And it’s done on many levels.

Look, I could go on with the other eight points. But that would be redundant. I wanted to mention what I con-sider the two most important ideas.

I feel that I’m harping on relationships. But I do it because I think we are not to be on this planet to be alone. We are meant to share life together. But it has to be done in a sincere manner. Not just throwing yourself at someone and demand sharing experiences with them.

Too many individuals are going around with that empty look of loneliness in their eyes. Walk down a crowded street. Look into the eyes of the people. What do you see? There is no way I’m implying that everybody is hollowed eyed. But it saddens me when I do see it. And it shouldn’t be that way.



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