Let’s face it. When it comes to romance, men and women expect different things. With men, we think sex. Women, want something more … I don’t know what to call it. I’ll put it this way; Men want physical contact. Even if its being held naked. It’s a very arousing feeling. We feel things yet to come when held naked. If our lady curls up and puts her head on our shoulder and falls to sleep at the end of a day, well, that’s romantic. If she’s changing her clothes and while naked she wraps her arms around us, that’s romantic. Get the idea?


Women, on the other hand want things. A card goes for miles for a woman. A flower … WOW. She beams a smile for who knows how long. It’s just knowing she was thought about in her absence. That is what is reassuring to a woman. Or so I’m told. Then there is the other side of it all. Try talking about anything under the sun. You have to be constantly be learning new things about each other to keep romance in a relationship.

Try this. Get a notebook and write a question asking how you feel about____________ (fill in the blank). Take a few minutes and write down your answer at the same time your spouse is writing. Take turns coming up with questions. Do this as often as you like. But probably not less than three times a week. But that is up to you two and what you can agree on. Here’s a question that comes to mind; How do you feel about the sound of rain falling on the roof?

You can take these questions to any depth you want. Ask each other about religious ideals, sensation on anything (tactile, sight, smell, etc), ask about how you feel about each other’s presence in different scenarios. The topics are limited by your imagination only.

Take her for a walk. Hold her hand and walk. There will be times that you don’t have to say anything if anything at all. Ask her what she’s thinking. Every now and then, stop and look at something that might strike you both as interesting. Even if it’s the sound of a singing bird. Stop and listen to it.

But that’s only one way of doing it. Ever try to create a romantic atmosphere? If you have children, this will have to wait until they go to bed. Other than that… Make a romantic dinner. Get dressed up for a candle lit dinner. Put a sidewalk cafe table with chairs in the bed room.



Dress it any way you like. Now, gentlemen, serve dinner with wine and candle light. Sit across from her and talk to her. Keep the conversation honest and above all, sincere. And don’t forget to ask her what she may want to talk about. Be interested in her every word just like you were on your first date. Let her be the center of conversation. Let her think she is the center of your life. As she should be. If you have even a descent relationship, you will, you will sweep her off her feet.

There has got to be countless ways to create romance between you. These are only three. And they came off the top of my head. Well, except for the table and candle lit dinner. I found that at They have a boat load of ideas there. Try something different every once in a while. You got nothing to lose and could have a lot to gain. You just may rediscover each other in a whole new light.





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