Where Did I Learn to Write?

That is a question some people have asked me. To be transparent, it’s a continual progress for me. But, there are three things I do.

The first thing I did was I got with a couple people who have written books in the past and asked questions about what they do or did to publish a book. Their comments and advise were nothing less than jaw dropping. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am by no means afraid of work. I’m more afraid of failing. And when both of these ladies got into the effort aspect, I silently asked myself; “Can I really do this without screwing it up?” So, I gave it a shot. Turned out that the work was more like fun.

The first lady I spoke with lives in Western New York. (Never call it “upstate” to a person who’s been raised there.) She and I dated when we were kids. (And if she reads this blog, I hope she’s smiling now.) We were talking on the phone and she mentioned the book she wrote quite some time ago. I couldn’t resist asking questions about how to write a foreign language in an American read book. That is how I came to feeling comfortable writing the story of My Angel of Angels.

But the advise I got was not quite filling all the blank spots. So, per her advise I picked up a book by Stephen King titled On Writing. It’s a book where he explains how he got into writing at a very young age. How he struggled through his entire life due to a lot of interesting situations with family members and became a teacher. Not a very lucrative job to say the least. He had challenges in that department also until he finally wrote and published Carrie. According to StephenKing.com his second published work from 1974 becoming a movie in 1976.



He gets into his wife and other aspects of his life. But that is in a nutshell; the first half of the book. The second half is the actual advise and challenges he gives you to become a great writer. Every time I open that book, a spiral bound notebook and pen are grabbed also. There is a lot of fantastic advise in that book.

Then there is the third thing I like to do. I mentioned on my Face Book page that I am reading David Baldacci. He’s a global number one best author and has his books printed in forty-five languages in eighty countries, per the cover on his book; The Escape.

This is the book I read last night and could not put it down. It’s amazing how we as readers get caught up in a story line. Being a writer, I had to come out of the story and ask myself: “How did he do that?” I went back over the last few pages and re-read what I just read. Took mental notes on what was so intriguing and I implement the technique into my writing.

These are the three ways I learn to write. But there is one more thing I like to do. That is to go into other writer’s pages and blogs and read what they have written. My hope is that I become as talented as the other romantic writers are.

Nora Knox absolutely stuns me with her work. And Cynthia Eden, one of the most amicable people I met on line. [I] Hope to meet these ladies one day. Just to pick their brains.


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