Why is Respect and Admiration for Women so Important?

I was raised by two parents who were brought up in what is called “Old School” upbringing. My mother however, was brought up in “European Old School”. Her mother (Theresa) came to America in the 1880’s. By the time she was married there were two generations under the same roof. Then the children/grandchildren started showing up. My mother, Catherine and her three brothers were the first Austrian American generations in the family. We call us German, though. After listening to how she was raised, well, it’s safe to say I’m glad it was her and not me.

My Dad was raised in a lighthouse in New York State. His father was the keeper.

Point Gratiot Lighthouse, Dunkirk, NY http://www.waymarking.com


I had the opportunity to read the rules Francis (my grandfather) had to live by. It was a grueling job. More stringent than a mother’s 24/7 demands only because you can’t be fired from motherhood. My grandfather had five kids and a wife to keep housed and fed. Most of that was accomplished by living off the land and keeping animals for their food. My father talked about working the fields to grow vegetables.

My dad would tell me stories about his upbringing. It was demanding and rough. Again, glad it was him and not me.

There were two Laws they both parents insisted on, and that was: 1) You never hit girls, and 2) Always, but always show respect to elders. Particularly to your mother (per my father). We children never tested those rules. “Yes sir” and “Yes ma’am” was always expected.

Looking at the world the way it is today, there is one ingredient that is missing. That one ingredient is respect. Especially between the younger generations and the elders. But it is also missing between men and women. I never understood why there is competition between who is better or the stronger among the sexes. I, being male, do not want to give birth. Not because I am a man, but because I don’t have the strength to give birth. Far too much pain.

Look at the greatest miracle a woman performs. She brings life into this world. She loves that life unconditionally, nurtures that life as best she can. Indeed, better than anyone else can. Men don’t always have that kind of patience, some do. But what she does alone, loving and caring for her children like no other commands respect and admiration for women.

I rage inside when I hear some child scream at their parent; I hate you! Or anything else that is not a good family quality. Not why the child was brought into the world. The child can get angry with the parent, but hate? I find it difficult to believe that a parent truly ever hates their child. Perhaps the child is confusing anger with hate. One can only hope.

I do have an argument to the never hit girls, (or ladies). A lady never hits either. I don’t blame a man from protecting himself from the blows of a woman. But only to protect. Take her by the wrists and hold her with her arms wrapped around her and tell her to calm down. I have no problem with that. But to land a blow to her? Not necessary, gentlemen.

Yes, women can be big and strong and that may be scary. But what did you do to raise the ire in the woman to cause her to get so upset?

I’m not so naive to think there are no angry women out there looking for a fight. All I’m saying is to pick your arguments and stay away from the ones who are looking to create havoc.



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