Does Being a Man Change How I Write a Romance Novel?

That is a difficult question to answer. I never wrote a book until My Angel of Angels. In grade school I always wrote a one page story always called; My Pet. Believe me, it was not a suspense novel much less a romance.

I think that women are more qualified at writing romances. They are more in touch with their feelings than we men in a lot of cases. But the advantage I have is the fact that I work in a predominately female job. There are one or two women I can ask about how women feel about certain things, about what goes through their minds when say, they are making love to a man they are totally involved with. There was one day I asked a woman about making love and I had to take notes. Ladies get deep into sex even in their heads. I was amazed by some of the things she said. It brought around a whole new level of thinking on the act of becoming One.

Normally, when I write a romance novel, I write it from a man’s point of view. How do men see romance. And believe it or not, we do want to make our lady feel special. Some of us are even good at it, others, we have to struggle I have to admit. But we usually always mean well regardless how it turns out. So, please Ladies, be kind. A lot of times, perhaps too much of the time, men see the physical aspect of romance. And that is what we go after. But believe it or not, we meet that one, that dream that has been in our minds since puberty and we see something totally different. And that is the woman who makes us want to be better, more than what we are. We will walk to the ends of the world for that woman. And that is the woman we are looking for.

We don’t just see a body to ‘have our way with’. And that is where Manuel was coming from when he met Angelica. He saw the one being he had in the back of his mind. She’s been there for more time than he knew. And that is why he wanted to wait until he knew they were ready for that ultimate act of wrapping themselves around each other not only physically, but mentally and spiritually and then set each other’s heart and soul on fire. He grew as a man when he met her. And strangely, he never realized it when it happened.

I also write on conversations I have heard in the past. One man I worked with in Alaska had a lady friend and that is all they were. She, I gather, was beautiful and from how he described her, they both passed on the night of passion they could have had. He said he didn’t want to ruin the relationship they had. A wise move on both their parts.

After speaking with the woman I spoke with about how women see romance, I think maybe I have the hang of how woman see this subject and I can look at some of the chapters and paragraphs from a woman’s point of view.

So to answer the question, I write romances from two points of view. A man’s view and, when I can, I’ll write from a woman’s view point. I try to balance the story out from both angles.


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