The Inspiration of My Angel of Angels

The inspiration of My Angel of Angels is multiple.

Since I was fifteen years old I called the girls I dated Angel. It was something I picked up on listening to Paul Harvey. He spoke of his wife in one of his stories and he referred to her as Angel.

I thought that was sweet and wanted to treat the loves of my life like Mr. Harvey did. So, Cheryl was my first angel. She was blond haired with blue eyed, had pimples, glasses and braces. But to me and several other guys in the neighborhood, she was cute with a delightful, bubbly personality.

Somewhere in the 1990’s I met a young lady who took my breath away when we met. I was with a buddy of mine and she was with two or three of her friends. We met at the end of a Holiday party and we chatted for about five minutes or so and that was the end of it. As my buddy and I walked off, I heard her say in a low voice; “I could tell him anything.” It almost knocked me off my feet. But I didn’t want her to know I heard her, so I kept walking.

I couldn’t get her off my mind for a week. I rarely saw her after that night. But she’s a stunning women that adhered to my mind.

Later, she told me she was of Spanish descent among other Latin nationalities. Well, after living in Greece and meeting a few of the families where Air Force members got married in Spain, I decided that Spanish women are the most beautiful women in the world. And if you ever met the woman of whom I speak, Angie, she would be undisputed proof that I am accurate in this judgment.

Angie and I have gone in our own directions now. She’s involved and has a beautiful son who I admire. Just found out a couple days ago she’s having a second child. She and I speak only on social media and it is usually about her boy. I have my life with my family and that is a joy for me too.

Now I fear that some of you are going to think this is a fantasy of Angie and me. By no means is it. The story started out in a moment of boredom. I was playing with the fonts on my computer. I like Lucida Handwriting. So, I wrote the first line to a page. Sat back and looked at it and thought; “That sounds pretty good. What happened next?” I wrote the next couple lines and read that. Before I knew it, I had an entire page done and kept going.

When it came to putting in characters, the hero was Manuel. Don’t know where that name came from, but it sounded good. When it came to the starring female roll, Angie came to mind. So I created Angelica. Angie is only the model. Not the personality. Not entirely the soul or mind. I had to use some imagination on Angelica. Duplicating Angie as the personality, soul and mind would have been creepy even to me. And I didn’t want Angie to experience something that would have been uncomfortable to her should she ever read this book.


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